Furget Me Not Inc.

An All-Volunteer Massachusetts Based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

About Us

We are an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that's a friend and resource to people and animals alike! We hope to keep pets out of Massachusetts Shelters and with their owners whenever possible and when that's best for the animal(s) and families through our many pet owner assistance programs.
When rehoming is needed, we are licensed in Massachusetts as a foster based rescue and able to accept surrendered pets into our foster program to then be adopted. We do not charge a surrender fee for pet(s), and we pride ourselves on having a judgement free and easy surrender process as well as a "foster to adopt" practice.

We Love The Misfits!
Beyond assisting pet owners and offering rehoming services when all else fails, we also have a soft spot for what we like to call, the Misfits. The Misfits are the senior pets with medical issues. The misfits are the feral cats that are seemingly invisible. The misfits are the semi-feral kittens or poorly socialized. They are the extremely shy and unsocialized dogs that need extra patience, time and understanding. They are the dogs that were used for hunting or breeding outdoors and now have to learn house manners as an adult. The misfits are often overlooked or not reached due to lack of resources or empathy in their direction, but they matter too. The misfits may be more costly or time consuming to care for and rehabilitate but they are more than worth it. The reach of our organization's efforts entirely depends on public donations and volunteer participation.

"Fostering to Adopt" Program
Dogs and cats go to potential adopter's homes on a foster or "trial" basis to begin with.
We supply everything that they need to get started so there is no upfront cost. All pets are evaluated medically and behaviorally before being placed in foster homes and placed up for adoption. We provide the guidance and support needed to have an enjoyable experience for both you and the pet. Depending on the pet, you may find out whether you are a good match within a few days, or it may take weeks. Regardless, our goal is to make sure it's a good fit for you and the pet. We are proud of our streamlined foster to adopt process and are committed to being pretty great matchmakers.

Pet Owner Assistance Programs

There are many instances where pets could stay in their loving homes if they were offered needed resources. Pet Parents may just need the help of our Pet Help Hotline to figure out how to solve an issue that could allow the pet to stay in their home. One of the most common reasons for a pet to be surrendered to a Shelter or Rescue is a behavior issue, many of which can be addressed with guidance, proper tools, time and consistency.

Another of the most common reasons for a pet to be surrendered is a temporary lack in housing for them and their pet or just their pet. We have seen time and time again individuals that want their dog or cat but have nowhere to turn to for temporary pet housing assistance. Our goal in 2023 is to be one of the first organization's tackling this exact issue. We will be building a Foster Home Network of individuals willing to house pets temporarily.
We would love help people keep their pets through experiences of a natural disaster, house fire, domestic abuse trauma, hospital stay, unexpected move, sudden landlord restrictions, homelessness, or a stay in a rehabilitation center.

We are always in need of volunteers to join our team. Whether that's to act as a foster home, transportation driver, grant writer, committee member, help with social media or fundraising!

Household Donations Always Needed!

We are always in need of towels/fleece/sheets, metal dog and cat feeding dishes, paper towels, canned dog food, dog treats, canned cat food, white copier paper, all-purpose cleaning spray, kitchen trash bags, dog crates and carriers. You can email us for a convenient drop off location in South Shore MA. or if you're willing to mail any donations you can do so:

Furget Me Not Inc.

PO Box #223

13 School Street

Bryantville, MA. 02347

Monetary Donations of any amount are always extremely appreciated. If you'd like to make a donation, a check can be written to "Furget Me Not" and mailed to the above address. We have a Venmo @unfurgetme under the Business tab. Please make a note so that we can properly thank you. Or, you can make a donation online through our Donate button.

We are all volunteers and foster based, so we have no overhead costs. 100% of donations go towards the animal's medical care, grooming, supplies, and boarding.